Our Products

       All our products are made from high-quality raw material, free from carcinogenics and the banned AZO dyestuffs, and Knotless resulting in improved production efficiency. Our products include:

  Embroidery Thread Bonded Sewing Thread
  Prewound Bobbins Nonwoven Fabric



Bobbins and Sewing Threads Kit


  • Good quality at an affordable price
  • Package includes: 25/28 pieces assorted colors bobbins with sew thread, a bobbin box
  • Pre-wound multi-color sewing thread bobbins, one bobbin with case per color
  • Bobbins are size A, class 15, fit for most Brother, Baby-lock, Janome, Kenmore & Juki
  • Works with most commercial and home embroidery machine.

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