Our Products

      All our products are made from high-quality raw material, free from carcinogenics and the banned AZO dyestuffs, and Knotless resulting in improved production efficiency. Our products include:

 Rayon embroidery thread            Polyester embroidery thread 
 Variegated embroidery thread   Metallic embroidery thread  
 Pre-wound bobbins                        Embroidery backing

Prewound bobbins

L type prewound bobbin can be used for approximately 60% machines.  

Although some machine manufactures warn not to use prewound bobbins, it is a fact that most of the embroideriers do use them. It is very important to make sure you use a good quality thread and clean the bobbin area steadily.

Prewound bobbins hold up to three times more thread than self-wound bobbins, so the advantage is in saving time and not having to wind your own bobbins.


  • L type : 125 meter/pcs, 144pcs/box, 40 boxes/ carton, total amount 5760pcs/ carton

  • M type : 250meter/pcs , 100pcs/box, 40 boxes/ carton, total amount 4000pcs/ carton

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