Our Products

       All our products are made from high-quality raw material, free from carcinogenics and the banned AZO dyestuffs, and Knotless resulting in improved production efficiency. Our products include:

Nylon bonded sewing thread Rayon embroidery  thread  
Polyester embroidery thread Metallic embroidery thread  
Prewound bobbins ( Polyester / Nylon ) Embroidery backing PP nonwoven fabric



Nylon Bonded Sewing Thread

  • Commercial Size: V69 (210D/3) & V138 (420D/3)
    - The other size 210D/2, 280D/3, 630D/3, 840D/4 can also be ordered.
  • Made from high tenacity nylon 6,6 filaments
  • Bonded inside with the low melting point nylon filaments,  better hand handle and color accuracy.
  • Resistant to chemicals, abrasion, and sunlight
    Excellent seam stretch recovery and smooth running.
  • Good for multi-directional and high-speed sewing.
  • Pre-wound nylon bobbins available.
  • Suitable for companies producing bedding, upholstery, sofas, mattresses, carpets, industrial filters, shoes and many more.

Nylon Bonded Thread

  • Nylon Thread is a fine, soft, stretchy but strong thread for sewing light to medium weight synthetics. Most important is its ability to stretch and recover its sheen and filled in appearance. This is especially suited to nylon tricot. When sewing using nylon thread it is important to loosen top tension slightly to compensate for its stretchy nature.
  • Bonded (inside) Nylon Thread: The low melting point nylon filaments will be twisted into nylon 66 filaments. After the special process all nylon 66 filaments are bonded inside. While sewing, bonded nylon thread won't be untwisted and no broken filament, in order to add significantly to the thread's ability to resist abrasion and greatly enhances ply security.




  Nylon Prewound Bobbins

All machines come with bobbin winders, so you have the option of a prewound bobbin thread or winding your own. Usually we recommend nylon prewound bobbin#46 & #69.

Our nylon prewound bobbin #46 & #69 could meet almost all specifications for automotive, furniture, and industrial use. If you need other styles of bobbin thread, please feel free to contact us.

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