Our Products

       All our products are made from high-quality raw material, free from carcinogenics and the banned AZO dyestuffs, and Knotless resulting in improved production efficiency. Our products include:

Rayon embroidery thread            Polyester embroidery thread 
Nylon bonded thread        Metallic embroidery thread 
Pre-wound bobbins                        Embroidery backing


Bonded Nylon Thread

  • Commercial Size: V69 (210D/3) & V138 (420D)/3

  • Made from high tenacity nylon 6,6 filaments

  • Resistant to chemicals, abrasion, and sunlight

  • Excellent seam stretch recovery and smooth running.

  • Pre-wound bobbins available

  • Application: auto motive, luggage, footwear, upholstery, leathergoods.
    such a s sportshoes, bags, sofas, mattress, car seats and so on.

Bonded Nylon Thread

  • Nylon Thread is a fine, soft, stretchy but strong thread for sewing light to medium weight synthetics. Most important is its ability to stretch and recover its sheen and filled in appearance. This is especially suited to nylon tricot. When sewing using nylon thread it is important to loosen top tension slightly to compensate for its stretchy nature.
  • Bonded: Treating continuous filament nylon or polyester with a special resin that encapsulates the filaments is called bonding. The result is a tough smooth coating that ads significantly to the threads ability to resist abrasion and greatly enhances ply security.

Pre-wound bobbins for bonded nylon thread are usually as follows:

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