Our Products

       All our products are made from high-quality raw material, free from carcinogenics and the banned AZO dyestuffs, and Knotless resulting in improved production efficiency. Our products include:

Rayon embroidery thread            Polyester embroidery thread 
Variegated embroidery thread   Metallic embroidery thread 
Pre-wound bobbins                        Embroidery backing

Variegated embroidery thread

  • Made from 100% Polyester filament yarn
  • Changes it's color every certain number of stitches, the configurable color is optionally selected  from Xuanli® color catalogue.
  • 2-colors, 3-colors,4-color,5-colors and 6-colors
  • Suited for high  level embroidery and shuttle lace.

Metallic embroidery thread

  • Metallic lustre and radiance
  • Highly three-dimension effect
  • Used for 680 turn/minute embroidery machine, Aluminium-plating types are STA,STB,STJ,JB. Silver-plating types are STG, STU, SN.
  • Suitable for apparels, accessories such as wrist bands,caps and belts,Handicraft items,Lamp shades,Bags,Book covers

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